2020 Annual General Meeting

16 May 2020 – 2-3pm

It is with pleasure that we are inviting you to join us for the 2020 Annual General meeting to celebrate the achievements of 2019 and shape our future.

With COVID-19 guidelines, we are unable to have a quorum (7) physically present at our AGM that must be held by 30 June. Our Rules are silent on electronic meetings, though the legislation allows them. While the Queensland government has granted a 6 months extension to hold AGMs, the Management Committee considers that we need to settle our Committee as soon as possible as we move into a new chapter. We understand this is the position taken by other similar organisations. We will therefore be holding the AGM through ZOOM, keeping the same quorum and similar voting requirements.

We will be limiting decisions at the AGM to those required under our Rules, which includes electing members of the Committee.

PLEASE RSVP to be sent the zoom link

The meeting agenda is here

If you wish to nominate for a position please send through a completed nomination form by Friday 1 May

If you wish to participate but cannot personally attend please send through a completed proxy form

Creative Recovery Network Association Rules






The Creative Recovery Network works with professional artists, cultural workers, community members, arts and non-arts organisations, community-based workers, humanitarian workers and those interested in the power of the arts to positively change communities. We work with communities in the development of high level and locally relevant projects and activities to build capacity and drive social change.
Derived from a summation of learnings from our work, the Creative Recovery Network is driven by the following specific value set:
We value the role of culture and the arts in disaster recovery.
We value 
community-led engagement where possible.
We value the support of 
local capacity.
We value fostering 
collaboration, and
We value acknowledgement of 
appropriate timeframes for recovery response.

Together we have achieved so much, join us to help grow, support and enrich our communities

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