A seat at the table for the arts when decisions are being made about federal, state and local emergency management.

Like many other countries, Australia is increasingly beset by natural disasters such as floods, fires and droughts, which leave deep scars in our landscape and communities. In Australia, arts and culture are typically an afterthought in the context of emergency preparedness and response. Yet, artists nationally and across the globe are playing an increasingly vital role in supporting community resilience, preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters.

The Creative Recovery Network works to demonstrate the value and importance of arts and culture in building disaster resilient communities from the ground up so that arts and culture are given a ‘seat at the table’ when preparedness and response are being planned.

“A disaster resilient community is one that works together to understand and manage the risks that it confronts. Disaster resilience is the collective responsibility of all sectors of society, including all levels of government, business, the non-government sector and individuals. If all these sectors work together with a united focus and a shared sense of responsibility to improve disaster resilience, they will be far more effective than the individual efforts of one sector.”

– National Strategy for Disaster Resilience

How we are championing the cause…

Cluster Development

The Cluster structure we are developing follows the management framework of the United Nations Emergency Response process. Clusters act as a model for preparedness and response, ensuring clear communication, strong local, state and national connections and a repository of key information and relationships across the disaster management sectors.

Brokerage and partnership development

Building, promoting and supporting relationships across artists, communities, and Emergency Management to facilitate sharing of planning tools,  resources, knowledge and skills.

Conferences & Publications 

Promoting the value of Creative Recovery work, sharing the practice and growing awareness of the possibilities of civic growth through this engagement.

Communication & Research

Stimulating critical conversation around the role of arts and culture in disaster management and recovery, supporting the development and sharing of rigorous and sustainable research and education.

Drought Impact and Resilience Research

Beginning research and partnership development to look into the development of a longditudinal project framework to support communities impacted by drought.

“It’s very subtle but very important, its about feeling emotionally connected to the land that you are on and seeing the beauty of what can be a very hard environment.”


– Janne Dipple, Bare Essentials Farm


Creative Recovery Network is working in partnership with Arts House in the development and presentation of REFUGE.

Refuge explores the role of artists and cultural institutions in times of climate catastrophe. Each year until 2020, we’re bringing together emergency management, artists and local and regional communities to prepare Arts House as a relief centre for 24 hours, in an imagined climate disaster.

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