S2 Episode 7

In Conversation with Alex Wisser

Alex Wisser is an artist and creative producer based in the township of Kandos in mid-western New South Wales. In 2013 he co-founded the Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival in Kandos and took up permanent residence there with his family.

Along with Cementa, Alex is a co-founder of the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation where his practice continues to focus on the challenges and opportunities of making art in a regional context with a strong emphasis on socially engaged art and its ability to support cultural change.

In this conversation, Scotia and Alex discuss:

  • The regenerative farming movement and how the arts can support the process of change in communities facing serious social, economic and environmental challenges to their way of life
  • The capacity of art to provide non-directed space for people to gather and create social cohesion and reflection on complex issues
  • The example of a solar energy farming project in the town of Little Hartley in the Blue Mountains and how the combination of arts, science and farming can provide opportunities to bridge the urban-rural divide
  • A research framework that Alex is currently developing in partnership with Creative Recovery Network that aims to create a toolset for artists to better perceive the social realities of communities in which they are working
  • Alex’s shift to working in a community context and how it has made his practice more embodied and connected to the world beyond traditional arts communities


Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation

Welcome to Kandos, poster by Ian Millis

Solar energy for the farmer, Little Hartley project:

Bula Mirri Farm Solar Project Video:

Creative Recovery Network

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