Season 1 

Episode 1
A Sense of Safety: What young people are capable of in the face of disaster

Children and young people hold a potentially powerful place of leadership within families and communities when it comes to preparedness and recovery from disasters. They are also among the most vulnerable – both in the immediate and ongoing recovery process.

Episode 2
Caring for Country: Indigenous leadership in disaster management

When Cyclone Yasi hit the coast of North Queensland in 2011, the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation and its active community of rangers and artists took a position of leadership in the recovery process and galvanised a devastated community.

Episode 3
The Tin Sitters Club: Farming, Creativity, Connection

Farming communities across Australia are dealing with the slow-building emergency of the worst drought the country has ever experienced. When the challenges of isolation, financial hardship and psychological distress arise, how can these communities make sense of the unimaginable and work together to build resilience?

Episode 4
Artist’s Well-Being: Sustaining artists working with trauma impacted communities

When artist’s are called upon to work in remote or trauma affected communities the impacts can be intense, usually without access to the psychological services available to other support agencies. So how do artist’s find the balance between dealing with a community’s trauma and their own self-care?

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