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2020 Recovery Programs

We acknowledge the many communities currently coming to terms with the impact of fires in the 2019/2020 bushfire season along with the new and far-reaching impacts of Covid-19.

We are working with state government emergency management structures and our key partners across the states to ensure that culture and the arts are a vital part of the recovery planning and implementation. 

Once programs and projects are activated we will add to this page and contact our active members directly.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Bunyip, Yinnar South and Walhalla District Bushfire Recovery

Love Boxes

Art Cards

The greatest strength communities have throughout disasters is connectivity; knowing who can help, who needs help, what everyone is doing, how everyone is feeling and what people need. Creative projects feed this connectivity and provide environments for people to talk, grieve, plan and sometimes celebrate, often attracting people who wouldn’t otherwise meet. We talk endlessly about resilience; but resilient communities that can best withstand the impact of disaster are those with a network of social connections across different groups. Creativity, particularly creative practice that has its origins and development within a community, is a potent catalyst for social connection, compassion and ultimately resilience.”  – Amanda Gibson

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