Creative Recovery Network is a not-for-profit organisation working to develop and embed the vital role of culture, creativity and the arts in Australia’s disaster management systems.

Established in 2014, we are the leading national organisation connecting the creative sector, disaster management and communities – advocating for and developing the specialist skills to support and strengthen communities through the disaster experience. 

Underpinned by community engaged practice, we advocate for the use of arts-based processes in each phase of the disaster management cycle in order to: 

Prepare and imagine

  • Add value to existing community preparedness activities, deepening a relational, people-centred approach to community resilience
  • Ensure layered and equitable engagement
  • Activate civic participation that builds community networks and fosters social cohesion
  • Bring new perspectives to problem solving and future thinking

Respond and Care

  • Create safe and inclusive spaces that cushion the impact of trauma and upheaval during a disaster
  • Mitigate the shocks and strains of disaster impact by providing ways to express the unimaginable

Recover and Adapt

  • Support wellbeing and identity through creative, participatory practices that bring community members together
  • Reduce isolation among marginalised communities and individuals
  • Strengthen a sense of belonging to community and environmental landscape
  • Develop place-making opportunities that promote cohesion, connectedness and strength for a hopeful future.

Creative Responders Podcast

A podcast about how creativity and the arts can support and strengthen communities as they prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.
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