The Creative Recovery Network’s vision is for Australian communities to be self-determined in their preparedness and recovery supported by Community Arts and Cultural Development practices. 

Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) is a collaborative process between artists and community whereby direct participation in art making is as important as the creative outcomes.Worldwide, community arts theory and practice have been linked to civil and human rights advocacy…..that community arts and cultural development practice is a powerful vehicle for marginalised voices to tell their own stories and in doing so the process has social transformative qualities for individuals and communities. At the individual level, practitioners, participants, and community members report increased cultural competencies and awareness, articulation of hope, healing, enhanced artistic skills and a renewed sense of possibilities. At a community level, there is evidence of strengthened cultural identity, having fun and improved social interactions amongst groups. 

Community Arts and Cultural Development: A Powerful Tool for Social Transformation, Pilar Kasat, 2013

The Creative Recovery Network has been born out of the tears, joy, frustration, love and commitment to building resilience within our families, communities and country  – the stories and experiences of artists, community members and disaster responders working through disaster impact and recovery.

Understanding the need to capture our learning and new insights into the building of community resilience, a platform for advocacy and sharing of skills and knowledge around process and practice has been formed.

We work from a starting place that recognises that if we are able to truly connect and join each other in the human story of endeavour and survival we will be stronger, adaptable and hopeful – the corner stones of resilience. We believe that the arts are the bridge that enables us to meet and build strength together. 

The Creative Recovery Network works with professional artists, cultural workers, community members, arts and non-arts organisations, community-based workers, humanitarian workers and those interested in the power of the arts to positively change communities. We work with communities in the development of high level and locally relevant projects and activities to build capacity and drive social change.
Derived from a summation of learnings from our work, the Creative Recovery Network is driven by the following specific value set:
We value the role of culture and the arts in disaster recovery.
We value 
community-led engagement where possible.
We value the support of 
local capacity.
We value fostering 
collaboration, and
We value acknowledgement of 
appropriate timeframes for recovery response.

Together we have achieved so much, join us to help grow, support and enrich our communities

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