We deliver in-room and online training for community leaders, disaster management practitioners, and people in the creative sector wanting to strengthen their recovery capabilities through participatory, people-centred programs.

Our Creative Recovery Training is a program we deliver regularly for communities and organisations within the arts, local government, health, education and other groups associated with disaster preparedness and recovery.

Presented over a three-day workshop, the program prepares those wanting to work with trauma impacted communities so they have the skills and knowledge to do so in a way that is safe and productive.

We provide participants with an understanding of disaster impact and context and present ways to work respectfully with communities to grow and connect through the disaster experience.

In addition to our flagship Creative Recovery Training, we also deliver arts-based wellbeing programs to a range of sectors through our Making Time workshops; designed to help manage experiences of stress and burnout by utilising arts processes to build connection, creativity and self-care.

Our Creating Well program incorporates specialised development opportunities tailored to the creative sector, designed to develop sustainable work practices and enhance wellbeing for community arts and cultural development practitioners.

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What our participants are saying

“What I take away from this workshop is knowledge about being safe in process.” 

“The connections and friendships that formed over that weekend are now the foundation from which the creative recovery project has grown. The knowledge and skills we learn made the backbone of the project stronger. The nurturing we felt that weekend holds us as we navigate this space.”

“I did not know there was a ‘science’ behind groups and that groups are what connect us to the community. I found a system of facilitating that is constructive.”

“Thank you, you have provided skills that I will use and take with me through life.”

“This was a well-formulated workshop. I found many personal and group creative ideas and formed much needed inspiration.”

“In the past, I have been much more focussed on individuals’ skill and knowledge-building, rather than group cohesion. I’d always wondered how strong groups are formed – this program helped me understand and implement this.”

“We were very impressed by the quality of the training, the compassion, the patience, the amount of information covered and the ease in which it was grasped by the participants.”

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