Our Creative Recovery Training is an introductory program designed to establish an understanding of the disaster context and best practices in trauma-informed care to work with disaster impacted communities in safe and productive ways.

Based on the recognition that disaster planning is a whole-of-community responsibility that requires specialised knowledge and experience, the program supports the identification and development of creative facilitators to work in community-centred disaster planning.

Creative Recovery Training

Utilising creative methodologies to support meaningful engagement, the program consists of resources, conversations, reflections and learning about the development of creative recovery strategies and utilises provocative scenario application and reflective tasks to assimilate and apply knowledge.

Presented over a three-day workshop, each program is framed in partnership with local First Nations peoples, local stories and cultural context.

The training modules provide participants with:

  • An understanding of the post-disaster environment and how disaster affects communities
  • Insight into the role of creative processes in building social cohesion and supporting community resilience
  • Overview of local disaster management plans and who is responsible for each phase within the local disaster management network
  • Introduction to ESCCARE – a project development model that supports safe, deep thinking engagement strategies for whole-of-community participation
  • Tools for self-care strategies and frameworks when working with impacted communities
  • An ongoing community of practice to support reflection, problem solving and the strengthening of an effective collaborative workforce supported through Creative Recovery Network

Who is Creative Recovery Training for?

We have delivered our training program all over Australia with partner organisations across the arts, health, local government and disaster management.

Adaptable in length and focus, we work closely with the partner organisation in the lead up to the workshop to ensure the content is tailored to the specific needs of participants and their local community.

Our training is for:

  • Artists, creatives, arts workers and community leaders wanting to further inform their work in community-based practice to work safely with disaster impacted communities
  • Local governments seeking to deepen their level of relational, people-centred programs with their constituents to strengthen all stages of disaster planning
  • Community organisations and social service providers wanting to expand their tool kit for working with groups and communities in disaster preparedness, response and recovery programs
  • Practitioners within the health, education, community sectors looking to expand their understanding of disaster preparedness and recovery to work with disaster impacted communities in safe and productive ways

Workshop Details

The modules are usually delivered across a weekend workshop at a suitable location determined with the partner / producing organisation.

Creative Recovery Network provides:

  • Facilitation of a weekend workshop for up to 20 people comprising 3 days of immersive knowledge building and connection into local disaster management people and systems
  • Liaison with the producing organisation in the lead up to the workshop to tailor content to to the requirements of the participants incorporating local council planning and associated community members
  • Post-workshop follow up with participants to support reflection, problem solving and an ongoing community of practice

Making Time

Making Time is a workshop program that incorporates arts processes to help manage experiences of stress, burnout and exhaustion. 

Designed to be tailored for the organisation or community we are working with, the Making Time program is suitable for community groups, disaster management organisations, arts organisations and community service organisations looking to enhance their practice through connection, creativity and self-care.

Making Time can be presented in a range of modules based on the specific needs of the group and can be delivered as a two hour, half-day, one-day workshop or in a multi-day retreat setting.

Creating Well

Creating Well is a program that addresses the professional supervision support needs for community arts and cultural development practitioners. 

The Creating Well program is suitable for community members, artists, arts workers and arts administrators working in the community arts and cultural development space.

The program is designed to specifically address the challenges of working in socially engaged projects and how practitioners can create a framework to support their physical, psychological and spiritual self-care.

Creating Well can be tailored to the specific needs of the participants and is delivered as a six module program. It can be presented online or in-room. .

Creating Well Practice Supervision/Peer support

Practice supervision and mentoring can be facilitated for groups or individual sessions. Practice supervision is one aspect of a wider framework of professional development activities that are designed to support workers, and manage and monitor the delivery of high-quality services and effective outcomes for project communities/participants.

The professional supervision process engages critical reflection in order to raise issues, explore problems, and discover new ways of handling both the situation and oneself. The purpose of group supervision can be collective problem solving and team development, and practice and service delivery.

The process and benefits of this process are outlined in detail in our Creating Well research report.

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