Artists and the creative sector

We collaborate with the creative sector – individual artists, arts workers and arts organisations – to support the ongoing activation of creative programs in disaster impacted communities and build capacity within the sector for trained creative facilitators to carry out this work.

Community leaders and organisations

We engage with community leaders and organisations to create and achieve locally owned visions, centre local voices and initiate cross-sector collaborations to strengthen recovery capability through a whole-of-community approach to disaster resilience.

Disaster management sector

We work with the disaster management sector to enhance disaster management strategies through arts-based processes and advocate for culture and the arts to be embedded in all stages of disaster planning. This includes response and recovery organisations, community recovery committees, local councils and state and federal government agencies.

Main image: Arbour Festival 2020-2021, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services Aboriginal Weaving Workshop. Photo by Jack of Hearts Photography

Creative Responders Podcast

A podcast about how creativity and the arts can support and strengthen communities as they prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.
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