In conversation with Amanda Lamont

​What would it look like like if different phases of emergency management were approached as an interconnected whole? How might the arts alleviate trauma and support communities in disaster management? What is missing from Australia’s royal commission into the response to the recent bushfire season? What is a community-led recovery and how do we achieve it? How do we recognise and celebrate the contribution of women in emergencies and ensure more diversity in representation when it comes to decision-making?

Scotia Monkivitch speaks with Amanda Lamont to unpack these timely questions around Australia’s approach to disaster management and look at how we can build a better future to manage the complexity associated with multiple intersecting disasters.

Amanda is a specialist in stakeholder engagement, partnerships and relationship management, with a focus on disaster resilience and disaster risk reduction.

Her experiences spanning the corporate, government, legal, humanitarian, not-for-profit, research and community sectors in Australia, the UK and the US have positioned Amanda as one of the leading thinkers and change-makers in crisis preparedness.

Whether in her capacity as a volunteer firefighter, a lawyer, an international aid worker or co-founder of the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network, the constant thread through Amanda’s career is her deep passion for social justice and her immense capacity for leadership to make improvements to people’s lives.

Scotia and Amanda cover a lot in this conversation, unpacking a range of key points that  challenge the direction of future development of community recovery.

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