In conversation with Alex Kelly

​Alex Kelly is an art maker, organiser, activist and filmmaker whose work is anchored by a deep commitment to social and climate justice.

She joins Scotia to discuss her most recent project, Assembly for the Future, a series of digital gatherings in which participants collectively imagine better worlds and new  pathways, preparing for a resilient and community visioned future.

We also hear about Alex’s work as part of the filmmaking team for In My Blood It Runs, the critically acclaimed documentary told through the eyes of 10-year-old Arrernte/Garrwa boy, Dujuan and his family, and the power of storytelling as a catalyst for change.

In this conversation, Alex and Scotia discuss:

The importance of developing a robust space for imaginative dialogue around possible futures that allows for nuanced thinking to service the creation of better futures

Why we need to move away from the traditional binary of hope and fear in order to hold complex truths and narratives around futuring and world-building

The concept of disaster capitalism, how it is currently playing out within the crisis of the global pandemic and Alex’s work with author Naomi Klein around her book, This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs. the Climate

How moments of disaster or upheaval provide an opportunity for people to push forward in ways that were not previously possible, and how we can harness creative thinking for more progressive outcomes

The power of storytelling as a catalyst for change, the collaborative process of developing  In My Blood It Runs and how the film provides a deeply intimate insight into both the challenges and joys faced by its 10 year-old protagonist

The importance of community connection and small-scale organising to build social capital and more resilient communities

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