In Conversation

Episode 1
John Lane 

John Lane is the Artistic Coordinator for the Festival for Healthy Living. He speaks with Creative Recovery’s Scotia Monkivitch at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and shares insights from his career which encompasses a timely intersection of health, education, young people and the arts. John and Scotia discuss the importance of artists as lateral thinkers and problem solvers particularly in light of new challenges the world is facing as Covid-19 begins to impact life, work and creative practice.

Episode 2 

Jeremy Smith

Scotia speaks with Jeremy Smith as he exits his tenure with the Australia Council to return to his hometown of Perth and a new role with the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA). Jeremy shares his experience working extensively across festivals, youth arts, community, First Nations and regional arts development projects in a range of creative and management roles. They also get into the details of Community Arts and Cultural Development practice and discuss importance of what artists bring to the table in a variety of corporate and and creative contexts.

Episode 3 

Amanda Lamont

Whether in her capacity as a volunteer firefighter, a lawyer, an international aid worker or co-founder of the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network, the constant thread through Amanda Lamont’s career is her deep passion for social justice and her immense capacity for leadership to make improvements to people’s lives.

Scotia and Amanda cover a lot in this conversation, unpacking a range of timely questions around Australia’s approach to disaster management that challenge the direction of future development of community recovery.

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