We recognise the following objectives as crucial for Creative Recovery Network to be effective in impacting on participant communities as a support resource and advocate for self-determination, skill building and resilience thinking.

  • identifying potential community leaders and advocates
  • assistance with the development of Creative Recovery Network through understanding and adherence to cultural protocols and direct relational invitations for connection to country and community
  • developing networks and connections for artistic practice in disaster affected communities
  • working with local, state and federal government to understand the specific needs of communities as part of emergency response
  • Exploring and articulating the role of culture and arts in creative recovery
  • Enhancing the capacity of individuals and communities in areas such as planning, protocol articulation and liaison with Emergency Management
  • Training and support of region and remote artists working with communities impacted by disaster

While service providers traditionally focus on hard assets and notions of personal safety there are likely to be different understandings of these risks and additional assets that are valued at the community level. These may for example include cultural assets; relationships; aspects of country; and livelihood activities. These may be regarded not only as vulnerable to disasters but also key factors in ensuring the ongoing resilience of communities. The development of our State/Territory Cluster Arms aim to address the complexities inherent in identifying and building on the existing scaffold of knowledge and understanding of disaster management in a regional and remote Australian context and how we might support and grow these.

Relationship building is time consuming and delicate process. We have phased this work to ensure we give adequate time and attention to ensuring a smooth, rich and deep engagement. This will enable a sustainable and owned outcome by all parties.


  • Key connectors – aware of broader community/ services/Local Government
  • Regular contact with Creative Recovery Network and each other
  • Coordination of artists/members
  • Represents Creative Recovery Network at events/forums
  • Runs training
  • Connected to local council and Emergency Management leaders
  • Activated for local impact events
  • Run cluster meetings

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