Creative Recovery Framework

The Local Council or State will typically take the lead in disaster management and therefore it is important to understand how the Creative Recovery Network can complement, support and extend the work of the Council, State and other stakeholders involved in disaster management.  This Creative Recovery Framework provides guidance as to how the network may prepare for and respond to disasters, along with principles of action across the spectrum of community recovery.  The  Framework is currently being developed and focuses on:

  • The role of arts and culture to engage and support communities in preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters;
  • The impact of disaster on the arts and artists’ livelihoods;
  • The importance of preserving and protecting Arts and Cultural Assets.

The Creative Recovery Framework is being developed to be read in conjunction with Disaster/Emergency Management Plan(s) and Cultural Plan(s) developed by Local Councils or States.   It aims to identify the possible roles the Network members can play in the context of disasters, and how to activate and carry out these roles. This Framework puts the arts front and centre as people rebuild their communities. We want to use the arts to build connections and spirit, bringing communities together and creating events to remember.

The arts and cultural sector of the local community can play a range of crucial roles in disaster response and recovery.  Research shows that communities are more resilient to disasters if they have strong networks, are cohesive and have a strong sense of their community identity.  Likewise, the most successful recoveries are inherently social, where affected communities drive the process and bond more strongly as a result.  Arts and culture can play a significant role in fostering community identity and cohesion, and therefore are essential considerations both before, during and after a disaster. 

“…when there are these dramatic events, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that the main resources needed for recovery are already there, and that’s people themselves, with their own capacities, professions and social networks. That is where reconstruction begins.”

-Alfredo Stein Heinemann, The Conversation, September 22, 2017

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