Creative Recovery Training

The Creative Recovery Training is the outcome of a partnership between Creative Recovery Network and Red Cross. Our training provides practitioners and community leaders with skills, knowledge and practical experience to facilitate groups in a way that is safe, productive and builds leaders. We conduct training in group community facilitation, broad understanding of disaster impact and context and how we might work safely and respectfully with the community to grow and connect through the disaster experience. This training is pitched to those practitioners working across Arts, Community, Local Government, Health, Education and other industries associated with community disaster preparedness and recovery.
The aim of the program is to offer training for artists and artsworkers who wish to work in communities that have been affected by disasters – in the immediate after-effect and then into the community’s recovery journey.  The training aims to present an understanding of the individual and community context of disaster and an overview of group facilitation skills and planning tools.  We present a package that is useful for new facilitators as well as experienced.

“Life changing!”

“Thank you most of all for being such a powerful, present, focused and aware Facilitator. I feel you modelled this work so extremely well and gave us the most amazing experience. I truly enjoyed the whole workshop and the delicious food. You certainly created a nurturing experience as well as imparting so much useful information and understanding.
Thank you again.”

“I did not know there was a ‘science’ behind groups and that groups are what connect us to the community. I found a system of facilitating that is constructive.”

“Thank you, you have provided skills that I will use and take with me through life.”

“This was a well-formulated workshop. I found many personal and group creative ideas and formed much needed inspiration.”

“In the past, I have been much more focussed on individuals’ skill and knowledge-building, rather than group cohesion. I’d always wondered how strong groups are formed – this program helped me understand and implement this.”

“I certainly now understand whet the depth and investment of the recovery process involves.

I can see how crucial this PD is for policy makers and emergency service people/leaders.”

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