In Conversation with Melissa Lubke

Melissa Lubke is an artist based on the island of Lutruwita (Tasmania) who utilises manual arts practices and a variety of mixed media materials to create installations exploring themes of light, loss, community, and hope.

Melissa’s recent works in her solo exhibition ‘Confronting the Negative’, explore complex emotions after losing her husband in 2016 in a tragic accident whilst pregnant with their third child.

In this discussion, Melissa shares her personal story and how her experience of tragedy and loss influenced her evolution as an artist and motivated her to use art as a vehicle for creating a shared, collective process around loss and grieving.

Melissa is currently undertaking her Masters in Art Therapy and shares her experience of how the arts can support ritual, social connection and reflection.

Produced by Scotia Monkivitch and Jill Robson

Edited and Mixed by Glen Morrow

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