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After Maria

Everyday Recovery From Disaster, Puerto Rico

After Maria 

After Maria is a graphic novella produced by Gemma Sou and John Cei Doughlas. The story follows a fictitious family from Puerto Rico recovery after the impact of Hurricane Maria.

The project resulted from research being conduced by Gemma, a development geographer interested in human-environment relations. With the illustrator, John Cei Douglas, they turned this research into a comic in English and Spanish.

The graphic novella speaks to many themes including representations of “developing” country contexts, environmental justice, gender, inequality, resilience, poverty, vulnerabilities, disasters and identities.

Discover the subtle social, cultural, economic and psychological impacts of disasters that go under the radar of the international news media. The story highlights what recovery means for disaster-affected people – is it simply repairing a damaged roof, or does it also include recovering a person’s sense of home?

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