Buloke Living

Through times of crisis and change, the Buloke Shire community share their stories.

Recognising that ongoing drought conditions in the Buloke Shire pose major challenges to the community, Southern Mallee Primary Care Partnership (SMPCP) initiated, coordinated and facilitated the SMPCP Buloke Community Wellbeing Drought Collaboration meeting in December 2015. This brought together 24 people from local agencies, businesses and community members to discuss resilience and the community’s support needs.

As a result of, the Southern Mallee PCP Buloke Community Resilience Working Group (BCRWG) was formed to work collaboratively on initiatives addressing resilience, connectedness and enhancing community skills and capacity. The Southern Mallee PCP BCRWG commenced in January 2016 and decided to initiate a photo story book project, focusing on the resilience of the Buloke people and created by the community. It aims to build community capacity through photography and storytelling, and strengthen local networks.

The Buloke Living Project; A Book of Connection was officially launched in February 2016, followed by sub launches in all ten Buloke towns.

“Buloke communities and individuals continue to thrive and adapt to new ‘normals’ thrust upon them by the changing demographic, ecological and economic climate confronting rural Victoria. The Buloke Living project is an observation and reminder of how Buloke people, family and communities rise through adversity and support each other and their community.” Mayor of Buloke Shire


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