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Dance for Recovery – Behind the Scenes Documentary

Cyclone Yasi Recovery Project

A mini-documentary by June Perkins that captures the process of the Dance for Recovery project following Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland.

The project, the brainchild of Danielle Wilson, brought together twenty five people nearly all of whom had never met before, to re-experience and heal from Cyclone Yasi through movement. It pulled a creative support team of around eight people together to create a workshop.

Danielle has conducted ‘free to move’ dance classes for adults and children in the Cassowary Coast for a few years now but this project was a new vision; it was her contribution to healing the Cassowary Coast from Yasi.

June’s documentary follows the process by which Danielle and the participants, together with the support crew from and gathered by Connecting Community Voices, went about making their silhouette performance.



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