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(for forest creatures large and small)

Southern Forest Arts – the understory

Our story is constantly unfolding. We are an organisation dedicated to learning, growth and dreaming. We have some constants – we have always turned to wild spaces (within Nature and within ourselves) for solace and inspiration. We have many variables – we are always exploring new ways to connect with our many communities of interest.

Understory artworks include sculpture, poetry, stories and music. We are interested in the diverse ways the human imagination responds to the sights, sounds, smells, stories and spirit of place. We love sharing these creative responses with our community & visitors.

Peter is working with schools to create a series of new sculptural installations for the Understory Art & Nature trail in Northcliffe. The project is aimed at battling the sense of powerlessness many young people feel in the face of climate change, and to show them the incredible power of affirmative action – one habitat-creating artwork at a time.




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