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Mitigation of Shock

London 2050

Take a tour around a future London apartment radically adapted for living with the consequences of climate change. One of the inhabitants shares their personal experience of adjusting to a world transformed by food insecurity and climate extremities at home, and in their local community.

This installation ‘Mitigation of Shock’ was conceived by Superflux and first presented at the Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB) Barcelona.

Mitigation of Shock (London, 2050) is our attempt to make the size and complexity of a hyperobject like climate change tangible, relatable and specific. Following extensive research and prototyping, as well as interviews with experts from NASA, the UK Met Office and Forum for the Future, an entire future apartment was built, situated in the context of climate change and its consequences on food security. People could step inside this family home and directly experience for themselves what the restrictions of this future might feel like. Instead of leaving visitors scared and unprepared by the challenges of this world, we shared methods and tools for not only surviving, but thriving there.

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