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The Overtopping

Live Performance, 2017 Lismore Flood Recovery

The Overtopping was a creative investigation into the community(s) response to the extreme weather event cyclone Debbie and its aftermath resulting in a rolling series of site specific micro performances, events and showings of projections over a number of weeks using flood narratives as a starting point. Additionally a short but intense creative development culminated in a performance of live art  including, movement, original live music, projections and puppetry in the Lismore CBD.

The project was led by Realartworks, a post-disability arts company based in Lismore.

A man stands trapped on a bridge as the Flood waters rise. Another escapes from an island of rats swimming through a sea of spiders to reach the rising sun and safety. These are true stories based around the extreme weather event Cyclone Debbie and its impact on Lismore. A community rallies and washes away the mud. These are true stories based around the extreme weather event Cyclone Debbie and its impact on Lismore. 

Told through the eyes of more than 50 creatives directly affected by the floods, the project was developed through free community workshops where artists heard stories from the community and translated them into live performance. 

Lismore’s back alleys framed these stories of adventure, bravery, comedy and love to create a site specific performance, combining dance, puppetry, sound art, projection, creative lighting, live storytelling and water art, showcasing emerging and professional artists of varying ability working in Lismore, and exploring the stories of the city and its people.



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