Youth Creating Disaster Recovery & Resilience (YCDR)

YCDR is a research project for youth affected by disasters. YCDR is connecting with youth in disaster-affected communities in Canada and the United States. They are using art, video, and storytelling to hear directly from youth about what they need, the challenges they have faced, and how they might contribute to helping their friends, families, and communities recover from disasters.

YCDR began with an idea and a belief in the capacity of youth. They saw the important role that youth play in helping communities to heal and recover following a disaster. They wanted to learn from youth about their personal and collective stories of disaster recovery & resilience (e.g. how were they affected, what worked to support their recovery, what didn’t, and what would they do differently) and also provide a platform for youth to share their wisdom, creativity, and inspiration, with other youth and communities affected by and/or recovering from disasters. As researchers they also wanted to highlight and inform how youth can be more involved in community disaster recovery. With that, Youth Creating Disaster Recovery & Resilience was born.

Through our engagement with youth in disaster-affected communities, we continue to be humbled and inspired by their unique stories, insights and creativity. We encourage you to check out their disaster stories.

Together we have so much to learn.

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